Sophia Tabatadze

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  March 16 - April 18
Solo show at Hoffmann Weiss, Berlin, Germany
Opening on 16th at 19.00 hours
Lecture performance on 20th at 19.00 hours about my recent project PIRIMZE
  December 6 - 9
"Just Mad" Art Fair with Mirta Demare Gallery, The Netherlands

  December 2 - 30
Group show of all artists of the gallery at Mirta Demare, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

  October 30 - November 13
"Drifting Identities"
Group show and colloquium at Zemstvei Museum, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Curated by Stefan Rusu
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  June 16
"In Growing up Amid the Historical Mysteries of Proximity: Pros & Cons of Being Neighbors"
Group show at ITS-Z1, Ritopek, Belgrade
Curated by Isin Onol & Dimitrina Sevova

  May 9 - June 9
"Crosstime Stories"
Group show at Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York, USA
Curated by Ceren Erdem

March 18- April 28
“Limitations of Imitation”
Double solo show
Mirta Demare and Tante Nino, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

  March 14 - May 19
Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah, UAE
Curated by Sara Raza

  February 24 at 18.00
“East Mission”
Screening of films by Georgian female directors
Brotfabrik, Berlin, Germany
Curated by Jule Reuter and Nini Palavandishvili

  December 22 - 25
"Pirimze", project by Sophia Tababatdze
Presentation of research phase
Lecture series organized in collaboration with Levan Asabashvili
Atoneli street 18A, Tbilisi, Georgia

  December 02 - January 29, 2012
"A Journey to the East"
Group show at Mocak, Krakow, Poland
Curated by: Monika Szewczyk

  September 24 - October 30
"After Socialist Statues"
Group show at Kim? Riga, Latvia
Curated by Rael Artel

  August 5 - September 30
"A Journey to the East"
Group show at Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland
Curated by: Monika Szewczyk
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  "Black Shorts"
Five experimntal short films on everyday life in Georgia
September 26 - Celetna, Prague, Czech Republic
September 16 - UT Connewits, Leipzig, Germany
August 11 - Kino Krokodil, Berlin, Germany
July 18 - Goethe Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia
June 09 - Toldi Art Mozi, Budapest, Hungary
Organized by: Plotki, Sakdoc Film and CAC at CEU

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  December 04-25
Group show at C.A.P. Kobe, Japan

  September 17 - October 02
"Reciprocal Visit", part four
Group show of artist from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran at KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia
Organized by Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey

  July 22-25
"Frozen Moments: Architecture Speaks Back"
Art, architecture, talks, concerts, field trips and more at The Former Ministry of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic,
Tbilisi, Georgia
Curated by: Joanna Warsza
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  March 18
"Transitland" Video Art from Central and East Europe 1989-2009
Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
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November 20 - December 31
"Reciprocal Visit", part three
Group show of artist from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran at DEPO, Istanbul, Turkey
Organized by Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey
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  November 20 - 27
"Art That Has Been Through a Lot"
Group show at Mieszkane Geppeta Gallery, Wrozlaw, Poland
Curated by: Michal Bieniek
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  November 6-8
"Transitland" Video Art from Central and East Europe 1989-2009
Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, Germany
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  Oktober 8 - 15
"Artisterium" 2nd Tbilisi International Art Exhibition and Art Events
Karvasla, Tbilisi, Georgia
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September 5 - October 25
"Collection Dubai"
Group show at SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Curated by November Paynter
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  October 2 - 4
"Betlemi Mikro-Raioni"
Public art project, curated by Joanna Warsza
Betlemi district, Tbilisi, Georgia

September 18-19
"Transitland" Video Art from Central and East Europe 1989-2009
Goethe Institute, Sofia Bulgaria

  August 20 - October 4
"Forschungsstation Sozialer Raum"
Group show at Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany
Curated by Ursula Schöndeling


July 17-30
"Reciprocal Visit", part two
Workshop of artist from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran at Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey.
Organized by Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey
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March 14 - June 12
"East is the new West is the new East..." Lille3000 Europe XXL
Group show at Tri Postal, Lille, France
Curated by Elena Sorokina
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May 21-24
“Art Athina” with Mirta Demare Gallery, The Netherlands
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  April 28
Artist's talk and presentation of recent works organised by Archidrome
at Silk Museum, Tbilisi
, Georgia

  April 1-17
"Reciprocal Visit", part one
Travel project through Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran
Organized by Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey
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  February 11 - 16
"Arco Madrid" with Mirta Demare Gallery, The Netherlands

January 19th
"Monday Bar" in restaurant of Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany

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  January 18 – February 22
“From Flags to Flowers”
Solo Show at Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany
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November 27 - December 14
"All My re-Collections"
Solo show at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
This exhibition is an outcome of a year residency in 2008 at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.
Fellowship by Ernst Schering Foundation, Germany
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  November 21 - 24
"Let’s drink to Georgia” & “Let’s drink to Love”, stand for video and new media
St'art Art Fair, Strasbourg, France.

October 23 - November 19
"Aguhlas Negras" collaborative project at Centro Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil
Curated by Ellen Blumenstein and Carla Zaccagnini

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  October 31 - November 3
"Let's Drink to Georgia" Künstlerhaus Bethanien, at Art Forum, Berlin Germany

  October 31 - November 2
"Wilde Hasen" group show at Tape, Berlin, Germany
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  September 27 - November 30
"The Cities Are Built For You" group show at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Worpswede, Germany
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  September 7 - October 12
"Architectural Renditions" group show at Mirta Demare Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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September 10 - 13
"Best of Discovery" with Mirta Demare Gallery, Shcontemporary, Shanghai Art Fair, China
Curated by Sara Raza
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July 5 - September 14
"Open Sky" group show at Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Austria
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May 30 - August 31
"Voyage a Tbilissi" group show at Musee De Beaux Arts, Nantes, France
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  April 9 - July 31
"Another City Another Life"
Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland

April 2 - 23
"Exchange Academy" organization and participation of collaboration between Georgian, Dutch, Armenian and Turkish Artists.
Project by GeoAIR, in collaboration with "Archidrome"-Contemporary Art Archive at Georgian State Silk Museum.
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February 6 - 10
"Art Rottedam" with Mirta Demare Gallery, The Netherlands


September 6 - November 4
"Buildings and Strangebuildings" participation to the 10th International Istanbul Biennale, Turkey

  June 10 - November 21
"Humancon Undercon" Georgian pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennale, Italy

May 26 - August 26
"Let’s Drink to Love" participation to the group exhibition "Progressive Nostalgia"at
Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art
, Prato, Italy