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Title: Just Buy and Put a Fence Round It
Year: 2010
Size: Variable
Material: Wood and wood burned wooden plates
Project: "Frozen Moments: Architecture Speaks Back"
Organizer: Laura Palmer Foundation
Place: Former Ministry of Transportation, Tbilisi, Georgia

This work was created for the project “Frozen Moments: Architecture Speaks Back” organized by Laura Palmer Foundation and was an ironic-critical reference to privatization of state and public property in current Georgia. The building itself, where the project was held was used for the art project just before its renovation and reopening as Bank of Georgia’s headquarters.

Small holes were made on the wooden panel of windows alongside with the written title of her work. From the holes the viewer could look at the fragments of the building and its surroundings. The interlocking forms of the building were fenced by the letters from Georgian alphabet placed on a wooden panel in a window frame composing the title of the work – “Just buy and put a fence around it”.

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