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Title: All my Re-Collections        
Year: 2008
Size: Variable dimentions
Material: Various collections

‘All My re-Collections’ is a project in which I show different collections that I have been gathering in different periods of my life. What connects these collections to each other is that they all are not wrapped up or not resolved works. Usually these kinds of collections of images or objects serve as inspiration and staring point for the other works, but I decided to reveal them, show them to public. By putting them together I want to discover links that exist between them, and observe the path on which they turn into the finished art works.

The oldest collection, a real treasure is my collection of erasers. It dates from when I was seven, and got two erasers from France as present, since then I started collecting erasers. While looking at these erasers, one has to imagine being in late eighties in Soviet Georgia, in order to understand the real value of this collection.

My Eight Years in the Netherlands
Two Sisters in Baku

Photograph of myself from 1997, which was taken during my first study year in the Netherlands after I left Georgia. It is a remake of a photo that I found some years earlier of a girl posing in a large supermarket, when the first wave of people left the newly opened Soviet Union for Western Europe or the US and sent photographs home. The scale of the supermarket,
filled with colorful goods, was something that this person had never seen or imagined before. In my photo, in which I re-staged that situation, I played the amazed girl. If I look at this photograph now, eleven years later, I see myself as a young girl with make up, who has just came from the Soviet Union, posing in a supermarket. It no longer seems like a remake and in the image I have become the amazed girl. 


Sitting in the airport looking at my boarding pass,
flying from Heydar Aliev International Airport (Baku, Azerbaijan) to Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran, Iran), makes me wonder whether I am going
in the right direction. 

Opening at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, November, 2008