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2002 Title: Let's Drink To Love

With this vessel as beautiful as a woman, I would like to drink a toast to love. Love is a force that drives the entire universe. Love comes from God himself. Here’s to love, to the love that will make a person do and risk anything. Here’s to love between a man and a woman, which is the force that drives the world. Obviously, love comes in many forms, but the most fundamental is love between a man and a woman. The great poet Shota Rustaveli also dedicated his long poem to love. The beloved becomes the only person in the whole world; he or she resembles an angel, and for a person who loves, everything is holy. Many things have been written and said about love...  love can make you do the craziest things... It is a powerful force! A person in love is the happiest person on earth. But love is good only when it is mutual, because if it is unrequited, the path to love becomes a one-way street and that is not good at all; you will probably agree with me. Many things can be said about love; innumerable things. The person that has not experienced this feeling is truly unfortunate.
-careful, I might cut you-
What are the wounds of knives next to love?! The human spirit can endure anything. Cut me my friend, cut me! Here’s to love, here’s to love!

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- Georgian Toasting Traditions Title: Let's Drink To Georgia

With this beautiful vessel and divine drink I would like to drink a toast to Georgia, a country that has endured great suffering. Georgia has faced dangers and troubles for many centuries. Of course, we Georgians remember good times as well; but there were very few of them. They were the days of David the Builder and Queen Tamar.  Right now, though, Georgia is going through an especially hard time.  We have lost Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Communists took Saingilo and Sochi away from us. Here’s to our beautiful country; not to its many regions, but to it as a whole. Here is to the love of Georgia, and to all those Georgians, and all those Armenians and Azeris who love Georgia. It has to be said that we do have some rather scary neighbors...  The idea of Georgia, the idea of toasting Georgia is eternal ... Georgia remembers great periods in its history; here’s to Georgia in those times, to the time of David the Builder, when Georgia extended from Black sea to the Caspian sea. Let us be as strong and steadfast as we were back then. Let us never slacken!  May Georgia free itself from its enemies as easily as I empty this vessel...

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  Material: Video
2007 Duration: 2:35min
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Introduction to the Georgian Toasting Traditions (as found on

‘Do you want to know where the Georgian man reveals himself in his entire splendor?
This is the Georgian Table! If you are invited to one of those parties try not to miss one as it is supposed to be a real performance put up by the toast-master, or the Tamada. Tamada acts like a director of the party announcing traditional toasts to peace, health, happiness, well-being, beautiful women, love, etc. etc. High-flown and magic words seem to help him to establish contact with Heaven….’

Here are some of the unwritten rules for Tamada:

Sense of Humor
Entertainment is what all is about. Constantly look for material to expand your repertoire of dramatic material, jokes, legends, poetry, episodes from epics, drama or literature.

Determine who the most important guests are. Toast them first. At weddings toast the fathers of the bride and groom first, then the mothers and then the newlyweds. Speak about both fathers together. That goes for the mothers too.

Toast is really a dramatic art form. Don’t rush. You have all afternoon or evening three or four ours. Take at least five, ten or more minutes for each toast. With a bit of ingenuity, even ordinary people can be verbally painted into portraits of heroes and heroines, princes and princesses, and even social redeems of the world.

Women in the Kitchen

Never forget the women in the kitchen who have dedicated themselves to making this party a success-especially when it comes to preparing the food. Make sure the granny, aunties, moms and sisters are invited into the presence of the guests and toasted. Honor their efforts. Praise the meal and the conclusion of the toast, tag on the traditional saying: ‘May we never lack your guidance and care’ or ‘May your hands and arms always be healthy.’

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Here you can read and edit your own speeches:
Example for the toast ‘Don’t let Credit Cards Rule Your Life’

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