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Title: Caucasian Memory Game
Year: 2006
Material: Interactive game
Place: Festival Est-Ouest, Die, France
Collaboration: With Nadia Tsulukidze

Est-Ouest Festival is organized by the city of Die in the South of France; in 2006 it was devoted to the Caucasus. Writers, translators, visual artists, performers and musicians were invited to represent their region. Nadia Tsulukidze and I presented “Caucasian Memory Game” for this festival - a memory game using real people instead of cards. Twelve people were asked to participate; two Georgian, two Armenian and two Azeri men, and two Georgian, two Azeri and two Armenian women. They had a map of Caucasus attached to their backs and, printed on their front, GEO female, ARM male, and so on, depending who they were. People playing the game could choose which two they wanted to turn to show their fronts and thus their identity. Whoever chose the most identical couples would be the winner and would get the DVD that we produced especially for this occasion. This DVD was an alternative travel guide through Georgia.



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